Elop was a trojan (horse). Paid for by Nokia and his old bosses.

24. September 2013

[Nokia boss Elop’s £15m bonus blasted by Finns]

If you need any more proof: Nokia’s board changed the executive’s financial rewards in such a way that Elop was guaranteed to pocket a huge bonus if Nokia would become an interesting target for takeover…


Oh the irony! Microsoft accuses Google of being a monopoly and deserving regulator's attention. Say what?

20. September 2013

[Ballmer calls Google a ‘monopoly’ that authorities should control]

I’m sure, Mr. Ballmer, that your recent humility doesn’t expand to the IE vs. other browsers war. It gives me great joy that your last efforts bring such raucous laughter to my lips.

The regulators should investigate! A suggested solution is too weak!

In this case I think we should make an exception and feed the troll. Or are you just in it for the lolz before you take a bow?


Apple's innovator CEO's opinion on Nokia's demise

19. September 2013

[Tim Cook says Nokia died because it didn’t innovate, Microsoft now copying Apple’s strategy]

Timmie! Stop making mischief and start doing your impersonation of uncle Steve’s “one more thing”!

Apple’s “innovation” reminds me of the boooring “tick-tock” that Intel is finding to be a challenging business model these days. A fingerprint access doodaah? Really? And Sir Jony Ive’s lipstick applying on iOS seems to have designers like him up in arms. Improvements and new features for iOS seem to be even more reason for displeasure, gossip and of course, rave. We are talking about Apple after all.

However, for the hip kids on the block, it seems iPhone is not where it’s at anymore. Chinese millionaires and California showoffs will be pleased they can flash their golden mini-me, but there are better and bigger shiny things out there, even accompanied by a cheap copy of (dare I say it) the iWatch we keep on expecting. Lead with actions, Mr. Cook, not with hot air!


Phil agrees: iPhone users are snobs

20. April 2012

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Creating objects of beauty and selling them up against the market is Apple’s bread and butter. With the enormous success of the iPhone and the (competitively priced) iPad Apple has put their products in the hands of lots of people.

And guess what, mr. Schiller? Not all of these people are the creative geniuses you delude yourself to be. With the great masses comes — surprise, surprise — mediocrity. Apple has become the middle of the playing field.

I was bitterly disappointed when I joined Instagram from LightBox and closed my account, just like mr. Schiller. But I had a second reason. It was the remarkable stream of complaints of iPhone users that the influx of Androids was making them look bad! WTF?

Of course, if you pay through the nose for your old iPhone (keep up with the Schillers if you can), you must convince your poor deluded brain that at least now you have made it. But please, can’t you see the things are everywhere?

And, in case you lot haven’t noticed most people tend to a) copy people who copy the rare original in the crowd, b) take pictures of what they eat — a very subtle way of showing you’re blowing money on StarBucks — c) take pictures of themselves d) take pictures of their pet.

Neither of these things is really of interest to anyone except the people who are friends despite of you.


Bye bye Blackberry

30. March 2012

Strange to see how (quickly) RIM went from the substantial advantage of legally selling addictive executive toys to the slightly cumbersome money incinerator it is now.

Product failures and system outages, product and software delays have pushed the train wreck over the cliff. Some high-level executives are being thrown out of the train, but I can’t help wondering why the current executive team isn’t jumping.

Obviously, it’s too late to repair the damage with a return to basics. And, even if that would stop the bleeding, do they really think a secure email phone can compete with a smartphone? The US military is already using iOS and Android to secure the equipment they give their staff, and I guess their requirements might be a bit more demanding than even the wildest CEO.

Nope, it surely must be curtains for RIM, which makes it a sad day for international business, as more and more of the innovating industries seem to only survive in the US. Seems business conservatism really must be a thing of the past. Evolve or die (or be sold off for scraps as in RIM’s case)


A honest iPad3 ehr, new iPad review...

16. March 2012

A honest new iPad review. Apple Fanboiz: caution, possible irony might escape your reality distorted attention; please avoid watching this hilariously honest review…


Whoopsy Daisey: arty documentary about Foxconn's working conditions made up by 'artist'

16. March 2012

Maybe he should apply for a job at Mr. Murdoch’s media empire. I somehow think Mr. Murdoch agrees it’s much less risky to artfully invent stories, rather than manipulate the truth or get them by paying bribes…

On the other hand, Apple might be quite keen to pre-empt this development by setting a couple of their legal hounds on arguing this here ‘journalism’ is actually defamation without prior art.

Well, at least the hordes (doesn’t everyone and his kennel have an iPhone now?) can get their iFix without remorse… Vive l’artiste!



ios5 v.s windows8

(via thisjourney)

13. March 2012

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Where Alice meets the ginger queen

13. March 2012

The little golden lock opens with an assuring 18 Karat click. As the little door hesitantly opens with a tiny creak, Alice’s eyes widen. A red-headed queen appears before her, alongside her husband, aloof on an old police horse. The couple are being dragged in chains to the nearest police station. An old man with flappy ears seems to hover over the gathering, like some ghost of Christmas past. In the distance she can see the curtains of the number 10 house moving…


Apple’s new iProduct naming scheme: it all makes sense now!

09. March 2012

As we all know, Apple has decided to call its new iPad the “new iPad”. And even though I want to believe Phil Schiller who asserted that Apple loathes to be seen as predictable (one more thing, turtlenecks and magic obviously aren’t predictable, and neither is Apple’s release cycle), I have found the reason for this weird new naming scheme. It all makes sense now. And before you ask: NO! I am not intoxicated!

Look, we all know apple keeps the last few generations of its iProducts like the iPhone so it can rip off, ehr offer great value, to all its customers. So: as of 2014 you will be able to buy the (latest and greatest) “new iPhone” from 299 or the (last year’s favorite) “iPhone” for 199 or (if you’re really desperate) the “old iPhone” for 99.

I can hear the fanboiz already: “Oh, you got the ‘new iPhone’? I wish I could, but I’m stuck with the ‘iPhone’!. But look at poor Blue: she’s stll using the ‘old iPhone’!”