Current Windows Phones won't run WP8?

05. March 2012

Oh dear! Seems that Microsoft have gone and done another nasty in the wonderful world of Mobile Windows. Stevie Ballmer will have a hard time appeasing the faithful if this rumour turns out to be true.

Seems that Windows 8 version of Windows Phone, currently only known by its codename “Apollo” won’t be compatible with current Windows Phone (7.5 or WP7) devices. This is bound to be a sure-fire way to peev off the customers you are currently courting with the great comeback of Windows on mobile devices, Mr. Ballmer and Elop.

And for Microsoft it will be the second time in as many mobile operating system versions….

I know Android’s fragmentation is pretty annoying to most people. It’s also a main point of criticism Microsoft (and Nokia) have with the system, but it seems some people are going to leave the WP8 launch party with some egg on their face. Great execution it will not be.

I can’t wait until Windows Phone Apollo finally arrives, and recommend you also hold off buying that first new Windows Phone handset until Nokia can deliver “its finest work”!